About Us: A message from the CEO

                                                   Welcome to Skyn2Luxe!

Skyn2luxe was created due to my own skyn insecurities. I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and along with that it causes my skyn to experience unique challenges. I personally suffer with hyperpigmentation and occasional eczema patches. These challenges made me so insecure and sometimes depressed when I wanted to wear certain clothing and just did not feel comfortable. Instead of bashing myself and hating my skyn, I decided to design my own products that gave my skyn the glow it had been craving, hydration it needed without using harsh chemicals and products that dry out my skyn. Skyn2luxe has allowed me to embrace my skyn and treat it with luxury products and ingredients. My products have been a life changer, and confident builder for me and I want to share the same experiences with you. This is the story behind Skyn2luxe! We believe that luxury is a feeling that everyone deserve no matter your skyn type or budget. Our products are created with the finest ingredients to give you that perfect glow, skyn balance and the hydration you've been searching for. There's no greater feeling knowing exactly what you are putting on your skyn and the benefits of each product. We strive to design products that will keep your skyn looking bold, velvety smooth and youthful. Thank you for trusting us with your skyn!